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How to say the word dogs in Spanish

If you are a dog lover and are learning Spanish, then you must be already to know how to say dog. However, as you may have noticed, in most cases in Spanish, we have other popular terms for the same word.

So even if perro is the standard term for “dog” in Spanish, you can actually use other very common words for the same purpose. So, in this article, we say “dog” in Spanish in 11 different ways.

Although these terms are very common, some of them are only applicable to certain situations or certain types of dogs.

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In addition, some words may only be used in a few Spanish-speaking countries, while others will be standard terms. Please read the following instructions and examples carefully and then choose the best choice for you and your four-legged friend.

By this point, you will know how to say dog in Spanish in many different ways just like a native Spanish-speaking dog.

1. Perro –Dog

As you probably already know, “Perro” is one of the most popular and standard terms for “dog” in Spanish. This word can also be used in formal and informal situations, and as a standard term, it is popular in all Spanish-speaking countries.

“Perro” is a generic term that Spanish speakers will use to refer to any type of dog. However, keep in mind that in Spanish, gender is very important. Therefore, if you are referring to a female dog, you will need to use the term ” perra“.

Here are some examples of how “perro” and “perra” are used in real life.

Please note that the basic structure below is very general and you can add or remove adjectives to describe your dog.

[Subject] + [Verb conjugated] + [determiner] + perro/perra +(adjective)

¿No te gustan losperrosgrandes?
You don’t like bigdogs?

Nuestrosperrosson muy tranquilos
Ourdogsare very quiet

En mi casa tenemos muchosperros
We have a lot ofdogsin my house

La vecina tiene unperromuy bonito
The neighbor has a very prettydog

Mis primas tienen unaperrablanca y unperrogris
My cousins have a whitefemaledogand a greymale dog

2. Cachorro –Puppy

In Spanish, “cachorro” is a direct translation of “puppy”. As a result, the word is only used when referring to a puppy. In addition, you can use its small form “cachorrito” as a more affectionate way to talk about your dog.

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Just like “Perro“, “cachorro” is used as a generic term for male puppies. However, if you want to talk about females, you need to use “cachorra” or “cachorrita“. Here are some examples.

Mira quécachorrostan bonitos
Look, what beautifulpuppies

Mi papá nos regaló unoscachorritos
My dad gave us somepuppies

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Nuestra perra tuvo trescachorritas
Our dog had threepuppies

Agustín tiene uncachorromuy juguetón
Agustin has a very playfulpuppy

¿Qué comen loscachorros?
What dopuppieseat?

Take Note:In Spanish,cachorrois a general term that can be used to refer to some baby mammals such as lions, tigers, dogs, wolves, and bears. So depending on the type of animal, ‘cachorro’ could be translated as ‘puppy’ or ‘cub’.

La leona cuida a suscachorros
The lioness takes care of hercubs

3. Firulais –Dog

In Mexico, Firulais is an informal and fun word that people often use to say the word “dog”. Although the word is more commonly used to refer to a stray or street dogs, Mexican speakers still use it as a fun and cute way to refer to their dogs.

Firulais was (and still is) a popular name for a dog, and it became so common that people used it as a generic and casual way to say “dog” in Mexican Spanish. In addition, it can be used to call a dog whose name is unknown.

Because it is a name, the word may not always translate directly. In some cases, it is simply translated as “dog”.

Firulais, siéntate

Corre,Firulais, ve por la pelota
Run,Firulais, go for the ball

Annie, ¿dónde está elfirulais?
Annie, where is thedog?

Elfirulaisrompió el jarrón de mi mamá
Thedogbroke my mom’s jar

Pobrecitofirulaisdebe tener hambre
Poordog,he must be hungry

Funny Fact:Firulaiscomes from the expression ‘free of lice’ a phrase that American custom agents used to ask Mexicans if their dogs had lice. This mispronunciation became so popular that Mexican speakers adopted it as a term.

4. Chucho –Cur / Dog

The word “Chucho” is a common and informal word that means “dog” in Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. Usually, the term is used to refer to stray dogs, but pet owners can also use it with their own dogs if they are upset with them or if it is just a fun way to refer to them.

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As a result, depending on the context, Chucho and its feminine form “chucha” may not be very dog-friendly words. In addition, since the word is used to talk about stray dogs, “chucho” could be translated as.

  • Cur
  • Mongrel
  • Mutt
  • Dog
  • Pooch

Loschuchosde mi cuadra no me dejaron dormir
Themongrelon my street didn’t let me sleep

¡Baja a tuchuchode mi cama!
Get yourpoochoff my bed!

¡Quéchuchatan desobediente tiene tu hermana!
Your sister has such a disobedientdog!

Mamá, tuschuchosmordieron mis zapatos
Mom, yourpoochesbit my shoes

Elchuchodel vecino mordió a mi hermana
The neighbor’smuttbit my sister

Take Note:Chuchocan or may only be used in an informal situations. Additionally, keep in mind that ‘Chucho’ is also a very popularSpanish nickname just like the name ‘Jesús’. So don’t be surprised incase you hear someone calling a person ‘Chucho’.

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (1)

5. Can –Hound / Dog

The word “Can” is a very formal way of saying “dog” in Spanish, so it is a popular term used in written contexts, news, dog races or any other kind of occasion. Even if “can” is a direct translation of “hound”, in Spanish we can use this word to refer to any type of dog.

Unlike the other words in this list, “can” can be used to refer to both female and male dogs. Here are some examples of how the word is used in real life.

Loscanesatacaron a una persona
Thedogsattacked a person

¿Cuál es el nombre de sucan,señorita?
What’s the name of yourdog, Miss?

¿Qué tipo decanme recomienda tener en una granja?
What type ofdogdo you recommend me to have on a farm?

Señor, le recomiendo que lleve a sucanal veterinario
Sir, I recommend you to take yourdogto the veterinarian

Creo que es uno de loscanesmás bonitos que he visto
I think it’s one of the most beautifulhoundsthat I’ve ever seen

6. Perrito –Doggy / Dog

Perrito is the lowercase form of “perro”, which is a very friendly and cute word in Spanish. The literal meaning of “perrito” is “puppy”. However, depending on the context, it can also be translated as “puppy” or “dog”.

Since it is a word of deep affection, “perrito” and “perrita” can be used to refer to both small dogs, puppies and big dogs. Usually, dog lovers use these words when talking about their own dogs or referring to other people’s dogs. “Perrito” and “perrita” can be used in both formal and informal settings.

Miperritatuvo cincoperritos
Mydoghad fivedoggies

Nuestraperritase llama Chocolata
Ourdog’sname is Chocolata

¿Cuántosperritoste gustaría tener?
How manylittle dogswould you like to have?

Christian y yo queremos adoptar unperrito
Christian and I want to adopt adog

Lasperritasde mis primos tienen tres meses
My cousin’sdoggiesare three months old

7. El guau guau –Dog

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In Spanish, guau guau (you pronounce it ɡwau̯ – ɡwau̯) is an onomatopoeia for a dog barking. Therefore, some people may use this group of words as a humorous and informal way to say “dog” in Spanish. Because it is not difficult to pronounce, el guau guau is a popular noun among small Spanish speakers who cannot say “perro” and its parents.

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This term is very well known in all Spanish-speaking countries because more than one child in our family has problems pronouncing it. Although “guau guau” is a direct translation of “woof-woof”, in this case, “el guau guau” means “dog”.

8. Peludo / Peludito –Hairy / Furry

Nowadays, peludo or peludito has become a common term for dog lovers, a Spanish way of saying “dog” in an affectionate, casual and cute way.

Although the word means to talk about any pet with fur, people associate it more with dogs and, generally speaking, it’s only popular on social media or among dog owners.

Unlike the other words in the list, peludo and peludito are words that can be used to refer to both male and female dogs. Keep in mind that these terms are usually used in very casual conversations.

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In addition, these words are direct translations of “hairy” and “furry”, but in this case they can also be translated as “dog” or “dogs”.

Adopta a unpeludo
Adopt adog

Linda extraña a supeludito
Linda misses herfurry

Mipeluditoestá en el veterinario
Mydoggyis at the vet

¿Ya viste que bonito está esepeludo?
Did you already see how pretty thatdoggyis?

Este grupo es para compartir consejos sobre nuestrospeluditos
This group is meant to share tips about ourdogs

Please note: In standard Spanish, peludo is an adjective used to describe a person with hair or a beard. Please note that when used as an informal synonym for “dog”, “peludo” is a noun. Make sure you pay attention to the context and the sentence in which it is used.

¡Córtate el cabello! Te ves muypeludo
Cut your hair! You look veryhairy

9. Perrihijo –Dog-son

In Spanish, “perrihijo” is a fusion of the words “perro” and “hijo”. This attractive word is very popular among owners who love their dogs very much.

Depending on the context, the word may be a mocking noun used to refer to owners who treat their dogs like dogs, but it may also be a cute and funny way to refer to your dog.

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Since this is a new term, perrihijo tends to be used more often in casual conversation. Also, there is no direct translation of the word, but it means “dog son” or “dog”.

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¿Cómo está tuperrihijo?
How is yourdog-son?

¿No trajiste a tuperrihija?
You didn’t bring yourdog-daughter?

No quiero que tusperrihijosse suban al sillón
I don’t want yourdogsto get on the couch

Mira los juguetes que le compré a misperrihijos
Look at the toys that I bought for mydogs

Samuel quiere llevarse a susperrihijosa España
Samuel wants to take hisdogs-childrento Spain

10. Lomito –Dog

Like “peludo” and “peludito”, lomito has become a popular word for “dog” in Spanish on social media. This expression is very affectionate, cute, and common among dog lovers. In this case, “lomito” can be used to refer to any type of dog: puppy, small, large, female or male.

Since it has no direct translation, the meaning of lomito is closer to “dog” or “dog”.

  • Mi perrito es ellomitomás tierno del mundo
  • My dog is the cutestdoggyin the world

¿No te gustaría tener unlomito?
Wouldn’t you like to have adog?

Gustavo va con sulomitoa todos lados
Gustavo goes everywhere with hisdoggy

Estelomitoestá perdido, ¿alguien sabe quién es su dueño?
Thisdoggyis lost, does anybody know who is its owner?

Oigan, ¿alguien me recomienda un buen veterinario para milomito?
Hey, guys, can someone recommend a good vet for mydoggy?


Saying “dog” in Spanish with different words not only allows you to expand your vocabulary but also allows you to communicate better with other dog lovers.

Therefore, in this list, we have written 11 different Spanish words for “dog”. Please keep in mind that some of these terms may only apply to certain situations or countries.

If you want to know how to say “dog” in Spanish, now you can use the 10 different terms when you call Firulais.

Names for dogs in spanish

There are many reasons to consider a Spanish dog name for your puppy. Perhaps you are proud of your family heritage or have recently adopted a dog of Spanish or Latin descent, such as a Spaniel, Andalusian Hound, or Chihuahua.

Maybe you have fond memories of sightseeing in Barcelona, chasing bulls in Pamplona, or soaking up the sun in Catalonia. Or maybe you just really like Mexican food and Spanish wine (hey, we get it!)…

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of Spanish dog names to test the newest member of your family. They will be named after Spanish and will make great companions – more than 450 million people speak Spanish (making it the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese!).

Our Top Spanish Dog Names

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (2)

Some Spanish dog names are simply timeless. Here are some of our top choices.

Benito / One (Blessing): Because when you gaze into her eyes, you know your dog is blessed. And, if you rescued her, she is blessed to be yours for life.

Corazón (heart): The message is simple: this dog stole your heart.

Diego: As it turns out, Diego is the Spanish equivalent of James (surprise!) equivalent, and is one of the most popular dog names in Spain. We love his playful, light-hearted voice, making him an ideal choice for a high-energy boy dog.

Pequeño/ a (Small): Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, this name means they will always be your baby.

Mullido / a (fluffy): With their thick, wavy coats, breeds like the Spanish Water Dog and the Catalan Shepherd are super hybrids – a fluffy name to match.

Here are some other popular dog names that we like:

  • Almo/a (Soul)
  • Amor (Love)
  • Brisa (Breeze—for your high-speed puppy)
  • Dulce (Sweet)
  • Diez (For the perfect ten)
  • Feliz (Happy)
  • Hermoso (Handsome)
  • Mariposa (Butterfly)
  • Pablo/a (Paul/a)
  • Querida (Dear one)
  • Rojo/a (Red—for a fiery pup)
  • Risa (Laughter)
  • Soleado/a (Sunny)
  • Uno (For your #1)
  • Zorro (Fox)

Looking for something more specific? Read on for a slew of different Spanish dog names, from famous historical figures and celebrities to food-inspired names and color-specific picks.

Take your time deciding. After all, you’ll be saying this name quite a lot from now on.

Male Spanish Dog Names

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (3)

Got a perro coming home with you? Consider these top Spanish boy dog names:

Carlos. A super popular Spanish dog name, Carlos means “free man.” This could be a fun name for a dog that’s not-so-easy to guide through obedience training! You might also consider it for a pup with poofy, curly hair like soccer legend Carlos Valderrama.

Fernando. Another classic, Fernando—a variation of Ferdinand—makes for a cool name for a dog that’s not afraid of anything, as it translates to “bold voyager.”

Inigo. Inigo, meaning fiery, and could be a great pick for a male puppy that loves to challenge you. And for fans of The Princess Bride, it’s a fun name in honor of master swordsman Inigo Montoya.

Here are a handful of other popular male Spanish dog names to try out for your new pup:

  • Alejandro (This one comes with an ultra-catchy theme song thanks to Lady Gaga)
  • Antonio (Banderas!)
  • Armando (Army man, for your ever-vigilant guard dog)
  • Chico (Boy)
  • Chiquito (Tiny one)
  • Dali (For Salvador, the famous surrealist painter)
  • Domingo (Sunday)
  • Enrique (Meaning “head of the household”—for a stubborn pup or a particularly handsome one with the last name of Iglesias, perhaps?)
  • Federico (For your peaceful warrior)
  • Felipe (Lover of horses)
  • Hernando (Adventurer)
  • José (Joseph)
  • Marco (Meaning “warlike”)
  • Mario (Marius)
  • Paco (Free)

Female Spanish Dog Names

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (4)

(Video) How to Pronounce Dog (Perro) in Spanish

For your perrita, try to consider these romantic and sweet Spanish female dog names.

Bella: No wonder Bella is such a popular Spanish dog name – simple and short, its meaning applies to all dogs: beautiful!

Frida: For a small dog that you just feel at ease with, Frida (meaning “peace”) might be a good choice. It’s also a good choice if you’re a fan of the bold, colorful paintings of the late, great Frida Kahlo.

EsperantoEsperanza: is a very romantic name that means “hope”. Consider it for a puppy that can always lift the mood.

Here, we prefer the following names for female Spanish dogs:

  • Boni/Bonita (Pretty)
  • Carina (Beloved)
  • Carissa (Caress… for the especially cuddly pup)
  • Chica (Girl)
  • Chiquita (Tiny one)
  • Consuela (Comfort)
  • Coqueta (Flirt)
  • Dahlia (Flower)
  • Elena (Splendor)
  • Emilia (Emily)
  • Estrella (Star)
  • Eva (Life)
  • Gitana (Gypsy)
  • María (Mary)
  • Rosa (Rose)

Funny Spanish Dog Names

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (5)

If you’ve got a fool’s ball on your hands, there’s no shortage of interesting Spanish dog names. Here are some of our favorites.

Bandido (Bandit): Consider the name Bandido for the invisible puppy who always manages to fit into shoes, socks or anything that keeps his paws on.

Gordito / a (chubby): If your puppy’s hunger is never satisfied, or if he is a -bony M-dog or Great Pyrenees, then Gordito can be a very fun and appropriate name.

La Reina (Queen): Some dogs just know that the world revolves around them. Lareina is a perfect name for your little heroine with a diamond encrusted collar.

Here are some funny dog names that are sure to make your Spanish-speaking friends laugh out loud.

  • Albondiga (Meatball)
  • Canijo (Stumpy)
  • Chaparro/a (Shorty)
  • Chorizo (a spicy Spanish sausage—for the weiner dog in your life)
  • Delgado/a (Skinny)
  • Descarado/a (Sassy)
  • Gordo/a (Fat)
  • Grande (Big)
  • Fiero/a (Fierce)
  • Fiesta (Party)
  • Leon (Lion)
  • Loco/a (Crazy)
  • Tonto/a (Silly)
  • Toro (Bull)
  • Torpe (Clumsy)

White Dog Names in Spanish

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (6)

If you have a light-colored or white dog (such as an American Eskimo or Poodle), consider some creative names with a Spanish twist.

Relámpago:For the Podenco Canario, the super-fast spirit lion or rabbit hunter, Relámpago (meaning flash) represents a stellar star.

Fantasy(ghost): Have a puppy that’s always sneaking up on you or has a ghostly white sheen on his coat? Consider the romantic name “fantasy”.

Lucia (Light): This is a classic name for humans and dogs alike. For a sweet pup with a cheerful personality, you can’t go wrong with Lucia.

Here are some other popular Spanish names for white dogs.

  • Bombón (Marshmallow)
  • Chispa (Spark)
  • Cielo (Sky)
  • Corderito (Little Lamb)
  • Diamante (Diamond)
  • Luna (Moon)
  • Luz (Light)
  • Paloma (Dove)
  • Perla (Pearl)
  • Santana (Saintly—or the Latin rock band!)

Brown Dog Names in Spanish

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (7)

Sure, you could name your brown pup Mocha or Moose, but for a Spanish dog name, check out these stellar suggestions:

Churro. Name your sweet pup after one of the tastiest Spanish desserts—fried dough twists covered in cinnamon sugar.

Galleta. Is your puppy so cute you could eat her up? Give her a name to match, the Spanish word for “cookie.”

Lobo/a. Is it wild? The name Lobo (meaning “wolf”) was used to honor his ancestors. Interesting fact: In ancient civilizations, wolves represented the Aztec gods of war and the sun, and it was believed that they guided the fallen warriors through the underworld.

Here, a handful of other brown dog names in Spanish to consider for your caramel-coated dog:

  • Avellana (Hazel)
  • Barro (Mud)
  • Canela (Cinnamon)
  • Caramelo (Caramel)
  • Castaña/o (Chestnut)
  • Maní (Peanut)
  • Oro (Gold)
  • Oso (Bear)
  • Pepita (Nugget)
  • Sierra (After the mountain range)

Spanish Dog Names for Black Dogs

10 Ways To Say Dog In Spanish + Names For Dogs In Spanish (8)

Whether you’re a black-and-black AlanoEspañol, a slender Spaniel, or the world’s best dappled mutt, here are some Spanish names for black dogs to inspire you.

Cuervo (Raven). If your dog has a mysterious, brooding look (or you’re just a big tequila fan), Cuervo could make for a unique name choice.

Pimiento/a (Pepper). For your pup with the salt-and-pepper coat, Pimiento makes for an adorable name.

Ocaso (Twilight). Got a black beauty? Ocaso is a beautiful name that brings to mind nightfall.

Here, a few other Spanish dog names for a black pup:

  • Diablo/a (Devil)
  • Diablito/a (Little devil)
  • Frijol (Bean)
  • Ensueño (Dream)
  • Mora (Blackberry)
  • Moreno/a (Dark-haired)
  • Noche (Night)
  • Pantera (Panther)
  • Rebelde (Rebel)
  • Regaliz (Licorice)

If you’re still having trouble picking the perfect name for your dog, try our pet name generator for personalized suggestions for your new family member!

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“Dog” in Spanish – Perro or Perra

That's easy: puppy in Spanish is perrito, adding the cute ending of -ito which means “little” or “small”. If you want to talk about your dog's size, you can say “little dog” in Spanish which is perro pequeño or “big dog” in Spanish which is perro grande.

What is the Mexican slang word for dog? ›

Chucho – Cur / Dog

Chucho is a common and informal word that means 'dog' in Latin American Spanish speaking countries.

How do you say dog in Dominican Spanish? ›

For example, the word for “dog” in Dominican Spanish is “perro”, but in the Dominican dialect it is “chivo”.

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hot dog.
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hot-dog n as adjUS, informal (skillful, esp. in sports)excelente adj mf
genial adj mf
Ben is a hot-dog surfer.
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Jan 8, 2020

What is a sweet pet name? ›

Pumpkin, peanut, bubby, baby, babe, bae, honey, darling, sugar, sweetie, honeybunch… English is packed full of fun, creative, and cute nicknames to call your loved ones.

What is the rarest girl dog name? ›

Rare Female Dog Names
  • Sorrel.
  • Yumi.
  • Tinsley.
  • Ulani.
  • Juniper.
  • Besiana.
  • Zuri.
  • Gaia.

What male dog name means strong? ›

Strong Dog Names
  • Oscar: Hebrew, translates to “divine strength”
  • Takeo: Japanese, translates to “warrior, strong like bamboo”
  • Remo: Greek, translates to “the strong one”
  • Ekon: African, translates to “strong”
  • Maude: German, translates to “mighty battler”
  • Audie: English, translates to “noble strength”

What are Cuban names for dogs? ›

Cuban Boy Names: Alex, Anton, Arlo, Carlos, Cedro, Ché, Chumo (the twin, if only two puppies are born in a litter) Cisco, Elon, Fidel, Jorge, Juan, Martin, Miguel, Pedro, Rafi (short for Rafael), Ramon, and Tomas. Cuban Girl Names: Angel, Carmen, Charo (a flower), Cheena, Coro, Estell, Judi, Lola, and Norma.

How do you say dog in Colombia? ›

Perro – A Dog

As in other parts of Latin America, the word for “dog” is also used to described a man who is a bit of a player. There are a fair few of these types knocking around in Colombia.

What does patoja mean in Spanish? ›

(informal) Word forms: patojo, patoja. adjective (Latin America) lame.

How do you say dog in 10 different languages? ›

The Words for the Most Common Pets in Other Languages
  1. Dog in French: le chien.
  2. Dog in Spanish: el perro.
  3. Dog in German: der Hund.
  4. Dog in Italian: il cane.
  5. Dog in Russian: собака
  6. Dog in Portuguese: cachorro.
  7. Dog in Mandarin Chinese: 狗 (gǒu)
  8. Dog in Japanese: 犬 (いぬ, inu)
Aug 18, 2020

Do dogs speak Spanish? ›

So how many languages can dogs understand, really? The mind-blowing answer here is that dogs can learn pretty much any language you throw at them. English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, you name it. They can understand commands in two, four, six, ten different languages, if you really want to expand their repertoire.

What do dogs in France say? ›

Dog – wouf wouf/ouaf ouaf

Depending on whether we are talking about those deep barks of a big dog, or the sharp yelps of a tiny dog, dogs in France say wouf wouf or oaf oaf when they aboie – bark. But dogs can also grogner (to growl), or even hurler (howl). J'ai peur des chiens qui grognent.

What do Chinese dogs say? ›

In Mandarin Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the entire world, dogs say wāng wāng (pronounced more like “wong wong”), and in China's other major language, Cantonese, they say wōu-wōu.

How do dogs bark in Russian? ›

Russian – gav, gav (гав-гав); tyav, tyav (тяв-тяв, small dogs) Serbian – av, av. Sinhala – සිංහල – buh, buh. Slovak – haf, haf; hau, hau.

What are cute pet names in Spanish? ›

Most Common Loving Pet Names
  • Mi Vida. Variant: vida mía. ...
  • Mi Cielo. Variants: cielo, cielito, mi cielito. ...
  • Cariño. Variant: Cariño mío. ...
  • Amor. Variants: mi amor. ...
  • Corazón. Variants: Mi corazón, corazoncito. ...
  • Guapa or Guapo. ...
  • Gorda or Gordo. ...
  • Ojitos, Pecas, Ricitos, China, Chinita.
Sep 11, 2021

What are Cuban Spanish dog names? ›

Cuban Boy Names: Alex, Anton, Arlo, Carlos, Cedro, Ché, Chumo (the twin, if only two puppies are born in a litter) Cisco, Elon, Fidel, Jorge, Juan, Martin, Miguel, Pedro, Rafi (short for Rafael), Ramon, and Tomas. Cuban Girl Names: Angel, Carmen, Charo (a flower), Cheena, Coro, Estell, Judi, Lola, and Norma.

What are your pets names in Spanish? ›

¿Cuál es el nombre de tu mascota?

What are rare pet names? ›

Cute Unusual Dog Names
  • Winnie.
  • Maia.
  • Sonny.
  • Effie.
  • Louie.
  • Ziggy.
  • Jude.
  • Violet.
Jun 24, 2022

What is a cool Spanish name? ›

Baby boy names popular in Spain and Latin America include Hugo, Pablo, Alvaro, Mario, Manuel, and Javier. Unique Spanish names attracting attention in Spain and Latin America include Alba, Carmen, Laia, and Triana for girls, along with Dario, Thiago, Gonzalo, and Izan for boys.

What's a good Greek name for a dog? ›

You can't go wrong with naming your pup after a Greek god.
  • Apollo.
  • Ares.
  • Dionysus.
  • Hades.
  • Helios.
  • Hephaestus.
  • Hermes.
  • Poseidon.
Aug 16, 2021

What are 5 animals in Spanish? ›

Animals in Spanish
  • Dog = El perro.
  • Cat = El gato.
  • Horse = El caballo.
  • Hamster = El hámster.
  • Fish = El pez.
  • Bird = El pájaro.
  • Elephant = El elefante.
  • Rhinoceros = El rinoceronte.
Jan 13, 2021

Is pet names a love language? ›

If you crave compliments from your significant other or relish in their playful pet names for you, this might be your love language. "Just like touch, this type of talk has a spectrum, so make sure you and your partner understand where your particular spectrum lies," clarifies Dr. Chuba.


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